Astronomy Tools

The following tools make use of the Skycalendar and Skycalc programs by J. R. Thorstensen. I wrote the Web interfaces as well as some other code (such as for the Moon Phase) to get what you see here.

Moon Phase Page
Produces an image of the moon for a given date.

Astronomical Sky Calendar
The page generates a calendar for the given range of months which contains, for each day, the Julian Date, Sun rise & set times, Moon rise & set times and percent illumination, etc.

Daily Almanac
Lots of useful information, like sun rise and set, moon phase and position, etc. for a specific date.

Hourly Airmass Tables
Provides the airmass for a star (or other object) for each hour in a given night.

Object Seasonal Observability
Lists the rise,set, and transit times for an object on the full and new moons (i.e. bimonthly) over a period of time.

Planetary Positions
Lists the positions of the major planets for a given date.

Brian Casey